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A Pearl on Negotiating Effectively, When Someone Has to Give...

Uncategorized May 13, 2021

Sometimes, we can't always have a situation where both parties at the negotiation table win.  Sometimes, someone is going to have to give up and wait. Maybe, it's not permanent and maybe it is.  We've seen that with the pandemic, especially in the beginning.  Doctors and nurses were in a panic when there was a lack of safety gear to protect themselves from both potential and documented COVID patients during a time of uncertainty and fear.  There were a lot of angry healthcare workers, and many felt the leadership did not care.  There were many descriptive, heated social media posts and angry people protesting on TV and radio.

However, there were also healthcare organizations, hospitals and offices where the healthcare workers appeared calm, cool and collective.  They seemed to be doing fine even thought, they, too, were limited in supplies.  Some found ways to reuse masks, often filming themselves on how to clean the N95 masks at home to be...

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Elsie Koh Featured on The Becker's Healthcare Podcast

Uncategorized Mar 31, 2021
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LEAD Physician | online leadership training
Elsie Koh Featured on The Becker's Healthcare Podcast

In this episode of the The Becker's Healthcare Podcast, Dr. Elsie Koh, Chief Medical Officer at American Endovascular & Amputation Prevention and Founder of LEAD Physician and Kurt Scott, Founder & CEO at the Physician Leadership Career Network discuss traits of great physician leaders, how to break into leadership, and more.

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For Physician Leaders – On Being Recruited

Uncategorized Feb 09, 2021

Getting to the top 3 finalists

(Hint: It takes a lot of work)

By Kurt Scott & Elsie Koh, MD

My last article was from the organization’s perspective; Using the “Vision Statement” to help make your final evaluation and decision. This time let’s look at it from the candidate’s point of view.

Seriously, I’ve had candidates show up to the interview:

  • missing their top front teeth
  • wearing a toupee, sitting on their head like a hat (you could see under it)
  • in shorts, flip flops and a Hawaiian shirt
  • And my personal favorite, chest hair flowing out over their dress shirt like a dickie… yup


So forgive me if some of what I talk about seems like a no-brainer, but given my long history, I feel compelled to cover it all!

It starts with sincere interest

“Tire-kickers” are pretty easy to spot and even worse, those using your position to better their own current situation, be it a higher salary, more...

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